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Anthony 02/08/2017Salinas, CA
Cherie Family 12/04/2016Salinas, CA
Luna Mia Baptism 11/12/2016Marina, CA
Elizabeth 11/06/2016Marina, CA
Sergio Elisa Wedding 09/24/2016Salinas, CA
Elisa & Sergio Engagement 08/28/2016Marina, CA
Soares Wedding 08/11/2012Carmel, CA
Michael 03/02/2011Monterey, CA
Peter 03/02/2011Monterey, CA
Toro Park 04/17/2010Salinas, CA
Chris Sarah Wedding 04/17/2010Carmel by the Sea, CA
Gaby 04/11/2010Seaside, CA
Gilroy Ranch 04/06/2010Gilroy, CA
Joshua 03/16/2010San Juan Bautista, CA
Gracielle 03/06/2010Seaside, CA
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